Self Employed and New to Canada

Self Employed

Business owners are the bees knees. We love business owners. We especially love helping business owners achieve their homeownership dreams. Why? Because we see a lot of business owners working tirelessly at their profession, trying to create value for other people.

So we want to create value for our self employed clients, by helping them with their home purchasing goals.  

We also love helping business owners access the cash that’s in their home, and then seeing that money put to work in their business. It’s all really cool to us. If we’re helping that business owner succeed, because we’ve done our job really well, then, that’s just the bees knees for us too.

So if you’re self employed and have a challenge for us, we will at least put our strategy to work for you, and get you to that next level. With your homeownership, or your business.

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New to Canada

My parents were immigrants to Canada. My mom speaks 5 languages, and my dad 4. They spoke Russian between the two of them when we were all growing up, and made sure that we didn’t learn it. Why? Probably because they had a secret language. Whenever they had to talk about us, or if we were getting in trouble, my parents would speak Russian to each other.

So I have a special place in my heart when I help my new to Canada clients. It gives me the “warm fuzzies”. Because even though these folks are all coming from different countries, they’ve all come to Canada for a better life. For them, For their family. And you know what? All of our new to Canada clients are super hard working, and really trying to be contributing members of our society.

So yeah. I love helping my New to Canada clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. Because I love helping good people. People that remind me of how my grandparents may have been when they landed in Montreal.

Here’s what a few of our new to Canada clients have to say about us. Again, I’m getting the warm fuzzies.