Your Mortgage Strategy Is Important

Let us get to know you so we can help you better

When you work with us, our first step is to learn about you. What are your needs? We love to learn about you and what you really need. We then formulate a simple plan for your mortgage.

You can expect to go through your strategy in your 15 minute phone consultation. We’ll answer all your questions and give you simple explanations into how the process works.

This first step won’t take long. We’ve been strategizing people’s mortgages for years now, and we like to make things really simple.

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Knowing Where Your Mortgage Belongs is Important

B+ Lending

B+ lending is for applicants that can’t qualify for an “A” mortgage. These are usually for clients with bruised credit or those who may not have a high enough income to qualify for an AAA mortgage. The rates are usually a bit higher and you might pay a fee.

We’ll be totally upfront about fees and rates, so you don’t feel like you’re being caught off guard. Read more about B+ Lending here.


This is your everyday bank mortgage. Perhaps a little easier to qualify for, but the rates may be a tad higher than the AAA Preferred.

Triple A Preferred

These are the mortgages with the lowest rates, but are toughest to qualify for.

Whether you’re purchasing, refinancing, or just renewing, we’ve got you covered.