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Your mortgage rate will depend on how much cashback you choose. The higher the amount of cashback, the higher the rate.

Don’t be dismayed though, at the full 2% cashback amount, your rate will be similar to what the 5 banks will give you anyways.

It’s a win-win!

You can use your cashback for anything you want! Use your cashback to payoff high interest credit card or line of credit debt. Use it for a much needed renovation or family vacation. Or, simply put the cashback in a high interest savings account, and keep it handy for emergency purposes or those months where your expenses exceed your income.

You can recieve up to 2% cashback. On a $600,000 mortgage, thats $12,000 cashback. If you happen to need more than 2% cashback, we may be able to accommodate. 

Everyone’s rate and cashback amounts differ, depending on your application. Your downpayment amount and how much you are borrowing compared with the value of your home determines your rate and cashback amounts.

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Nope! Your cashback rate is going to be comparable to regular bank rates. Our exclusive low rate lender is the pioneer in low rate mortgages in Canada. We are lucky to be an exclusive partner with our low rate lender, and are happy to pass off the savings to you. 

The Cashback offer is available on purchases, renewals, and even refinances! We can give you the cashback for both variable and fixed rate options.

We cannot do any rate holds for the cashback offer. Live deals only.  

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Your cashback will be supplied to you upon the funding of your mortgage. If you are using the cashback to payoff debt, your funding lawyer can actually send the funds directly to your loans or credit cards. 

Using your cashback towards paying off credit cards or loans may actually help you qualify for a larger mortgage amount. Each situation is unique. At Olympic Mortgage, we help you devise your ideal scenario. Call us at 2508587160, or email us at for your initial consultation. 

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