Documentation is Key

These days, lenders require alot of documents, including the kitchen sink! Working with a Mortgage Broker won’t take away the amount of paperwork required, but it will make things far easier and the process much smoother.

We’ve prepared a basic checklist documentation requirements. Some documents will be required upfront, and some can be collected at a later date.

This is a general checklist. The first phone call with your broker will be important as they’ll help you sort through the requirements based on your unique situation.

Mortgage Documentation Checklist

Income Documentation

  • Letter of employment
  • Pay Stub
  • 2 years T4 Slips
  • 2 years T1 General Tax Returns (Required for Self Employed borrowers)

Property Documents (usually supplied by your realtor)

  • MLS listing
  • Agreement of Purchase and sale
  • Property Disclosure statement

Confirmation of Down Payment

  • 3 months bank statements
  • Gift Letter
  • Agreement of Purchase and sale for existing property

Other Documents

  • Existing mortgage statement for any properties you currently own
  • Rental leases for any rental property you own
  • Your last property tax bill (s)
  • Proof of child support payments
  • T-slips and tax returns for dividend or capital gains income