Paul Fisher

My wife and I have had the pleasure to work with David and Roxanne at Olympic Mortgages. As potential new home buyers, we needed lots of advice and in many cases reassurance that we could afford a home and stay within our means.

We were looking for a home in the very tight and competitive market in Victoria, BC with a very limited budget compared to what homes were selling at. For nearly a year and a half Olympic stood by us in support and affirmation that we would find a place.

During that time we had a nearly weekly meeting with Roxanne who we would ask all levels of questions about mortgages and interest rates and steps for purchasing a home. In addition to these questions, we received timely responses to other questions regarding market trends, insurance, and legal aspects of purchasing a home.

We feel that the amount of time and effort that they put in to our specific situation, really shows their commitment to assisting homebuyers new and old make confident decisions about home purchases and affordability. They also guided us in being realistic about our expectations.

After all of the time they committed to us, we were able to make a home purchase that we are proud of with a low mortgage rate that we are able to manage. As interest rates rise across the country, adding a level of uncertainty, we believe that the rate we got at the time was very competitive and substantially better than many banks and other brokerages.

If the situation of my family changes and we need to take out a second mortgage or renegotiate an expiring one, there will be no hesitation as to who we will be contacting. Olympic is very helpful, professional and they did not pressure us to act quickly without reflection about the biggest purchase of our lives.

We took possession and funded our new home knowing that we got service that went above and beyond what we were hoping for. For this we have no hesitation in recommending this brokerage to friends and family knowing that they will also get the same level of service.