Jay Walker

It turns out that it was more complicated than expected to get a mortgage. However, the team at Olympic Mortgages was on top of it, searching for alternatives within a very short time frame, and was successfully able to get us our financing, with good terms. Almost every day, a member of the team called us to let us know what was going on with our application, so this reduced our level of stress considerably.

Overall, a five star experience with two small issues. 1. For some reason, we weren’t asked about what terms we wanted – i.e. variable versus fixed etc. I’m not sure of the reason for that, if that was ultimately lender driven, but that was not communicated to us, nor were we asked for our preference. 2. When the file was initially handed off from the originating Olympic personnel, this wasn’t communicated to us as to that fact, nor why it was handed off. Although the overall communication was great, it would have been nice to have had these two factors addressed.

Overall – well done Olympic! Thank you!