Rental Properties and Income Properties

Helping People Achieve Their Goal of Owning A Rental Property is A Big Deal to Us

Don’t get us wrong, we love helping people get into their first home, but we also really love helping people buy their first rental property.


Because most people have no idea that it’s even possible. When we get to explain to people that it actually can happen, they get super excited at the thought.

Owning your first home is totally awesome, but owning a second home can mean so much, and in so many ways.

  • That rental property is your retirement plan.
  • That rental property is your kid’s house in 20 years.
  • That rental is paying off its own mortgage, so in 25 or 30 years you’ll own not just one, but two income properties.
  • That rental property gives you back a couple hundred bucks a month, and gives you some breathing room in your budget.

Ultimately, that rental property gives you more control over your financial freedom.

Why it works so well

Owning rental property has proven over and over to be the best investment for people over time.

Why? It comes down to numbers. Instead of owning just one property that increases in value over time, you are owning two that are increasing in value over time. The mortgage on the second property is getting paid by the rental income, so at the end, that equity in your rental property will have increased quite alot.

All of this is done by the power of “leveraging”. Leveraging in this case is borrowing money to your advantage – the bank is lending you the money which enables you to purchase and own that rental property.

All you need to start is your own home that has a decent amount of equity in it!

If you’d like to see if you can make your dream come true of owning a rental property, book your 15 minute consultation with David today!

Strategy is important!

This all goes back to our strategy. I strategize the heck out of every financial situation. I dig deep and come up with real, and executable solutions, so that you can buy that rental property.

Take a look at the case study, and realise how easy it could be for you.

So go ahead, book your 15 minute consultation with me, and surprise yourself. You may be able to get that prized rental property that you’ve always wanted.

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